How this Works

Every month a limited set of a unique NFTs are forged. The drop features a main item, followed by loot that can be redeemed by 'opening' the main item. This month our main NFT of the month is the Christmas Cracker. When you purchase a Christmas Cracker, you will have the option to immediately crack it open after purchase or take receipt of the NFT as is. You will be able to redeem the Christmas Cracker for a loot item using the smart contract system on our website. This function will be irreversible. This functionality is not currently integrated into our website, although we can manually redeem it for you if you Contact Us if you do not wish to wait.

What are NFTs?

NFTs are short for 'Non-Fungible-Tokens'.

Fiat or Crypto?

We accept both payment methods, although we recommend paying in Cardano (₳). There are additional processing fees associated with fiat transactions and it may take longer to process the transaction.

How Long?

We batch the purchase requests and run an automated script to execute orders. It may take up to 48 hours. If you experience a wait longer than that or would like confirmation your transaction is in the batch request you can Contact Us here.